How to protect soil from mineral fertilizers

Tuesday, at the end of the classes – a lesson in chemistry as usual … But not quite.

Under the leadership of Mrs. Hristina Dimova, a teacher of chemistry and environmental protection at PGRE “G. S. Rakovski”, students from her class have set up an experiment. Its results will be analyzed and summarized.

A month ago, they planted seeds and seedlings of different crops and enriched the soil with mineral, bacterial and organic fertilizers. Today they have to track the development of crops and take into account the impact of the additives used.

This informal approach during the chemistry lesson allows group work and contributes to easier and lasting learning, breaks monotony and raises motivation to work.

A proof of this is the test at the end of the lesson which all students have done without fault.

The lesson is part of the Erasmus + HEARTH project and is presented in the virtual methodological handbook, which is one of the end products of the partner countries.

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