Our school's vegeatble garden

The summer has come to an end, the autumn welcomed us with rainy cold days, so we decided it’s time to gather what our school’s vegeatble garden offered us after a few months’ vegetation period. In June we sowed the seeds of some most popular vegetables: carrots, parsley, beetroots, raddish. A few weeks ago we collected the crops. We were happy to see the vegetables we produced. But we also learnt a lesson – the carrots and parsnips were really small. There were a few reasons. First of all, the soil in our garden wasn’t fertile enough, secondly we should have thinned out the seedlings to about 2-3 cm apart so they could have more space to grow, thirdly this year’s summer wasn’t too adventageous – rather wet but not too warm. We have something to think about before spring comes.

To the galery…

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