The Project

logoOur project aims primarily at promoting awareness, appreciation and a more sustainable use of Soil. One aims at ensuring that generations to come will treat this precious source with care and respect. One intends to achieve this in the light of the fact that more than 805 million people in the world (UN statistics) are facing hunger and malnutrition. To accomplish this, one will provide the students with hands-on experiences on organic farms, where they meet the professionals in the field and they can discuss various matters, learn from his/her expertise and make an attempt to grow their own crops.
Moreover, European agriculture has unfortunately reached a critical moment in history – the few operators still working in the field are aging. Young people are also facing a crisis due to massive numbers of unemployment. Bringing the two together seems to be both strategic and inevitable. This project aims to help bridge that gap by shedding light on agriculture and hopefully encouraging the younger generation to broaden their views and take agriculture into consideration when looking for an employment.
In addition, one aims at providing the participants with the necessary tools to be able to shop wisely, thus becoming conscious and responsible consumers. All stakeholders will learn to make wise choices when buying certain products by reading the labels. One would become aware of how what we consume effects our environment and our health. This would lead to the second important topic which revolves around ways of how to lead a healthy lifestyle. This would give importance to physical activity and a well-balanced diet to reduce the risks of obesity and beat other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.
For the project to be effective, one intends to put in place an array of activities that vary in nature to be able to reach around 1600 participants of different ages, academic and creative abilities. These will include cooking, painting, photography, farming, writing, PowerPoint presentations, oral presentations and debates among others. As a result of these diverse approaches one would like to notice a change in the way the younger generation, most especially, perceives soil and learns how to make good use of it. In addition one would like the youth to become responsible consumers and more aware of what is essential to lead a healthy life. All main activities will be carried out in English to encourage the use of this international language. Moreover, all activities will be documented and uploaded on a Project Facebook Page to facilitate dissemination.

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