Скъпи приятели, Да пазим земята! Да се храним здравословно! Да растем щастливи! Екипът на ПГРЕ „ Г.С.Раковски“, Бургас – България   Dear friends, Preserve Soil! Eat healthy! Grow up happy! Team of Romance languages school “G.S. Rakovski”, Burgas – Bulgaria   The western diet de Nikolay Nikolov La permacoltura che […]

To be happy ;))

As part of the International Earth Day week, a significant number of students from the G.S. Rakovski High School went to the “BiOtiful” farm… Link to the material

Let's celebrate Earth Day at the farm!


Earth Day Poetry

On the occasion of the 1st of June – World Day of the Child – the learners of the Lycée profane of Romance languages “G. S. Rakovski” – Bourgas made drawings in the courtyard of our establishment Link to the file

Initiative under the HEARTH project

Ways to save the earth from Nikolay Nikolov Save the earth from Nikolay Nikolov 10 ways to protect the environment from Nikolay Nikolov Ways-to-help-the-environment   How to save the Earth (2)   Earth day tips(1)

Ways to save the earth

Some PP presentations and a quiz. Green Job (1)  4 Jobs that help the world (2)   Jobs that save the earth   Green Jobs (3) Green jobs (4)  QUIZ (1)

Green jobs